Valuing the property

Foto di un interno zona cucina ben pulita e organizzata

What does it mean to value the property? Valuing the property, what does it mean? Certainly not to write in the announcement that it is a fantastic property, it would be too easy! We have to get the customer to say it’s great! You know well that this is what matters for the sale to […]

Selling a house from a private individual? Let’s find out

Vendere casa da privato?

Today we are talking about Antonio, a young man who thinks he can sell his house peacefully as a private individual   Obviously everyone is free to proceed as he believes but let’s see step by step the differences between the “do it yourself” and deciding to be able to take advantage of an increasingly […]

Casa in successione da vendere?

      “Marta e Alessio hanno ricevuto in successione, dopo la morte della madre, la casa dove sono cresciuti. La casa รจ molto bella e molto spaziosa, una villetta vicino Roma, ma Marta vive a Milano con i figli ed il marito ed Alessio, che ormai lavora a Londra da 10 anni, non ha […]