Today we are talking about Antonio, a young man who thinks he can sell his house peacefully as a private individual


Obviously everyone is free to proceed as he believes but let’s see step by step the differences between the “do it yourself” and deciding to be able to take advantage of an increasingly appreciated professional service: Mediation.

But rest assured, we will do it in several articles so as not to weigh you down and above all to be able to easily deepen the various aspects of everything that makes up mediation.

Well, the first step that Antonio has to face can only be that of evaluation.

Antonio has not obtained his license and in any case has not studied valuation *, so he does not know all the complicated aspects to keep in mind when evaluating the property (such as the area, the facades, the floor, the lift,


open sides, exposure, subdivision of spaces, status, etc. to end up evaluating comfortable and uncomfortable, additions and deductions .. and I could go on for whole pages ….)

And without giving you a lesson on how to evaluate the property, let’s talk about the comparison parameters instead.

Will Antonio know what market valuation is or does he only keep in mind how much the property cost him, or what he sees in advertising in the same area?

On the other hand, an agent takes into account, above all, the price at which the properties were actually sold!

It is the demand that the market makes.
The interior of a building
illuminated corridor
Result: Antonio does not have the sales values, he does not know the real market demand, he does not know how to take into consideration the elements that give the right price to his property and even if he had them (because in some way he has the skills), he should be able to then make market comparisons.

Arriving to define a value without knowing why, do you know what happens?

He fails to defend his opinion with the buyer and then begins the descent into advertising or worse, a more shrewd buyer, manages to justify the reason for his much lower proposal and Antonio, insecure and maybe tired, gives in.

In order not to turn to an agent and sell his house as a private individual, Antonio lost a lot of money.
What happens in the evaluation with the agent?

Meanwhile, an inspection, the delivery of floor plans and other documents that will serve to generate a written and motivated evaluation.

Those will be the reasons that the agent will be able to point out to the buyer, to justify the price.

The result: The agent defends the price of your home.


Antonio did not call the agent, he had heard of exaggerated costs, of agents who depreciated the houses and wanted to sell it on the first date. Other agents instead would have taken his house at the price asked by Antonio, but then

they would have lowered it over time …. in short, Antonio has decided


that all agencies work like this …. and he thought that alone it would be better.

Antonio doesn’t know that agencies are not all the same, and the agent can be chosen.

Do you want to be like Antonio or do you want to know how to choose your agent?
At the non-binding appointment, the serious and professional agent:


1) try to understand your motives

2) asks for your documents

3) he will contact you quickly to justify his written and motivated evaluation

4) makes an inspection with the photographer

… but we will see everything on how to enhance the property, next time!


AGENT = justified and defended value on the market.

Remember not to be like Antonio, ask a professional, even if just for a free consultation!

I hope the article was useful to you, what do you think? I want to know your opinion and talk about it with you, let me know in the comments and we will discuss it together!

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In the meantime, I wish you a good weekend and see you next month with the new article!



* appraisal: subject that studies how to evaluate properties