Valuing the property

What does it mean to value the property?
Valuing the property, what does it mean? Certainly not to write in the announcement that it is a fantastic property, it would be too easy!

We have to get the customer to say it’s great!

You know well that this is what matters for the sale to go through!

The aim is not to create comings and goings in your home but to make the property attractive to the right buyer.

After all, there is only one buyer: the one who will be the first to appreciate and consider the price fair according to the value that we manage to bring out.

This value must be framed and “illuminated” so that the property is noticed and appreciated.

After having analyzed and understood the reference market, having somehow adapted the language to that customer target, we emphasize the peculiar and necessary characteristics for the type of buyer we want to attract, we tell the property in a detailed but emotional way.

An agent sees things objectively and will be able to highlight positive aspects that you, perhaps according to your needs, have never focused on.

Just as it is necessary to see the house in its potential for transformation: if, for example, a kitchen can become a bedroom by creating the kitchenette in the living room or if the closet can be transformed into the second bathroom, enhancing a room at the entrance to make an office at home etc… these analyzes bring us closer to the ideal client and allow us to effectively value the property.

And the aspects that you consider negative?
Perhaps they are the very ones who are making you move house.

Do you know that you risk transmitting your same sensations to the customer? The house told by you as the owner will tell the limits experienced by you and your family. You are selling something that is closely related to an intimate sphere and your emotions will certainly leak out, influencing the buyer. It is no coincidence that the best agents appoint a colleague for the sale of their property, they know that enhancing is also leaving one’s emotional sphere.

At this point, it is natural for me to give you another piece of advice to enhance the value of the property:
The customer doesn’t care about your whole life, maybe he’s polite and listens but that unknown gentleman or lady, who you let into even your most intimate closet, is evaluating whether to buy your house and doesn’t want to imagine your past , is trying to imagine himself in his future, do not distract him from this process.

I witness unheard of things during appointments, there are owners who talk about fixtures when the customer wants to know about the floors.

This is to tell you to listen to the buyer’s needs, answer what he wants to know, for an agent it’s normal or should be, listening helps to understand where his perplexities are and this allows you to dissolve his doubts. He will be the one to ask questions and then we can complete our information.

Think that he is entering a house, perhaps inhabited, and feels like an intruder.

He wants to look around, without even realizing it he is looking for sensations and not for an avalanche of information. He will ask questions and you will give specific answers. After accompanying him in each environment, invite him to go around the house by himself…he must imagine himself there!

Of course before the appointments there are other phases of the work, but I wanted you to focus on the goal right away.

Now let’s see how to get there!
Photo of a well cleaned and organized kitchen area interior

We have defined the price in the evaluation (in this article) we have prepared the house to welcome potential buyers (find the article here) and we will see in the next article how to prepare the documentation.

If you have a house to sell it means that you have been a buyer… or maybe you are now in the search for a new home.

Analyze as detachedly as possible the house you are selling. Eliminate all the superfluous, all those things that make the house very personal, then arrange an appointment with the photographer, give her the time necessary to take photos, videos and everything you need for a targeted and tailor-made marketing plan for the property .

Do you take pictures yourself? I advise against it!
You would take pictures of your home, without taking care of the technical aspects and you would hardly have the ability to see through the photographer’s eyes.

I don’t want to belittle your skills…maybe you’re very good but the point is that I talk to people for hours…every day…and people are tired of still seeing photos with clothes or coats on maybe unmade beds, clothes racks or toys around.

Photos upside down and very often you see photos with the toilet seat raised, it’s definitely not the best way to enhance the property, right?

So it is clear how the house should be prepared, the windows must be strictly open and there must be natural light. (Some tips in this article)

Another problem but no less important is the excess.
The property

ile must be valued in order to be sold, not to make a beautiful photo album that perhaps transforms 10 m2 into 100 m2.

If the photos are taken with the lens too wide open, they distort reality and the buyer, on the spot, will be disappointed! The photos must tell the reality of the spaces.

The work is different where often, photos of a reality more or less to be restored are placed side by side with renderings of how that environment could be transformed. A sort of “before” and “after”.

We use this procedure to facilitate the imagination and accompany the customer in the transformation of the house, especially when a renovation is necessary.

We agents know what the market demands and we value the situations to be restructured, with a very effective presentation of “before” and “after” that also makes the spaces more usable.

An appointment with the architect, at the time of the negotiation, will allow the project to be tailored to the specific needs of the customer and the company will provide the turnkey estimate.

An agent then knows how to accompany the customer to imagine and transform “your” home into “his” home.

Another very important phase is to have everything clear on the situation of the property right from the start. Knowing how to answer questions with certainty is essential to reassure the customer.

If you don’t know how to answer, you won’t be able to be reassuring and not win the customer’s trust, he will blow up the sale, or the customer will estimate costs that may not be necessary and lower the proposal.

Preparing and placing the announcement on the portals is really a very small part of the job.
Maybe it will produce a few appointments and often just curious ones if you don’t know how to profile the customer, but as I often say, it’s one thing to show a house and another thing to sell it.

Surely you will have to use technology.

Professional photos, virtual tours that allow you to simulate a visit even remotely, drones, color-furnished floor plans and much more for an optimal image and presentation.

For a sale in the right time and with a satisfactory price, you need to start off on the right foot, lost time creates damage and works against valorisation.

The advertising means for some agencies are only the portals, for others also the campaigns on social networks, but the databases shared with the agencies in collaboration, the foreign market are very important.

All those means that allow you to bring the property where there is a customer ready to buy and who wants a house like yours. But I’ll be making an announcement about real estate advertising soon.

I hope you have found interesting ideas to make your real estate proposal more attractive on the market. There are many ads, yours must stand out!

If you decide to contact us and entrust us with the sale of your home, the entire marketing plan will be our exclusive responsibility.

In the next article we will talk about how to find and prepare the urban planning, cadastral and legal documentation of the property.

If you have questions about how to enhance the property, write us an email at

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