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If you are fascinated by the real estate sector, start your career in the right way.We invest in your future and we follow you step by step helping you to grow, because your success is our success.

For professionals

If you know the sector, but you are tired of working with area limits or contractual limits, if you work with commissions lower than your expectations, contact us!
* We have solutions to satisfy the most demanding applications with commissions up to 80%.
Available to the agent:
* workstation, contract / deeds room.
* Advertising on the main portals, presence on social networks and sponsorships, interactive website and cutting-edge evaluation tools.
* Management software that can also be used from smartphones
* Photographic equipment for photos and virtual ones
* Photographer also with drone use, virtual and real Home staging.
* Office assistant to fix acquisition appointments.
* Professional staff with on-site appointments and first free consultation in a new and welcoming structure. (Lawyer, Notary, Credit Consultant, Architects, Surveyors etc.)
* Constant updates with F.I.A.I.P. and internal updates.

Why join us?

The philosophy of Cucari Servizi Immobiliari is to be innovative, professional and competent, with the aim of always satisfying the needs and requirements of our customers.
Achieving this goal is based on the awareness of the attention to be paid to one’s human resources, starting from the selection process.

In our reality there is space for both young people in their first experience who, fascinated by the real estate sector and the opportunities it offers, want to do it in a large company, and experienced professionals who want a stimulating environment, which enhances them, also taking the opportunity to become a Sales Manager or start your own franchise agency without initial costs.

Being chosen will give you the opportunity to be part of a winning team thanks also to a continuous and cutting-edge training course that has the task of supporting, training and growing the selected resources for a rewarding and motivating career, from the point of view. professional and economical.
The “driving force” of Cucari Servizi Immobiliari is represented by the team of people you can count on.

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